Should I Get Veneers?

If you’re searching for ways to improve the appearance of your smile, you might want to add veneers to your list of options. Veneers are thin shells of either composite resin material or porcelain that are custom made to perfectly fit the surface of your existing teeth. At Easton Dentists, we perform all kinds of cosmetic dentistry, including the placing of veneers.

So how do you know if veneers are a good option for your specific situation? We’re here to help you decide. Let’s quickly discuss what veneers can help achieve in regards to improving your smile.

Veneers can be a good choice if you are looking to:

  • Change the color of your teeth
  • Change the size or shape of your teeth
  • Cover up discoloration or other aesthetic issues such as a chipped tooth
  • Correct a gap in your front teeth
  • Correct minor misalignment issues

On the other hand, veneers may not be the best option for you if:

  • You have untreated tooth decay, gum disease or a root canal infection

*Once you have these issues treated by Dr. Gilmer, veneers may be an option for you.

  • Are prone to grinding or clenching your teeth

*Veneers are not easily chipped or broken but if you grind and clench your teeth, you run the risk of chipping or cracking a veneer. For this reason, veneers are typically not a good option for you. If you want to learn more about tooth grinding (bruxism), read our blog post here.

Choosing to get veneers is a big decision since the process is irreversible. However, the pros certainly outweigh the cons for many individuals who choose to move forward with getting veneers.

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