Emergency Care

The Dental Center at Easton Town Center provides a convenient location in Columbus, Ohio for your emergency dentist needs. By offering extended business hours and a location central to the Columbus, Ohio area, The Dental Center is the premier choice for emergency dental services.

At The Dental Center, we understand how an emergency dental situation can affect your entire lifestyle. From the way you communicate to your eating habits, unexpected oral discomfort interrupts your daily life. When emergency issues arise, it is important to have an emergency dentist who accommodates your needs.

What Is an Emergency?

Any dental emergency such as an injury to the teeth or gums or extreme discomfort can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem may greatly increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and expensive dental procedures in the future.  Three of the most common instances that require an emergency dentist are root canals and tooth extractions:

  • A root canal, or endodontic treatment, requires the removal of damaged or diseased pulp inside a tooth. The tooth is then filled and sealed so you can return to your daily activities. A tooth needing a root canal can cause an intense toothache and should be taken care of as soon as possible!
  • Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. Tooth extractions are most often performed when the tooth is damaged or decayed, but are a frequent step in orthodontic procedures. A tooth extraction can be an emergency procedure because leaving the tooth in place could affect the integrity of the remaining teeth.
  • Injuries to the mouth should not be taken lightly.  These may include teeth that are pushed out of position and loosened (extruded), knocked out (avulsed), or fractured. Oral injuries of this type can be painful and should be treated by a Dr. Gilmer as soon as possible.

Serving Columbus

The Dental Center at Easton has fully committed emergency dentists in Columbus, Ohio (Now serving 43228, 43230, 43229, 43207, 43219 areas with Emergency Dental Care).

Situated just off of I-270 at Easton Town Center, The Dental Center is easily accessible to clients from all over Columbus, Ohio , New Albany, Gahanna, and Westerville. We offer extended business hours to assist you as soon as an urgent care issue arises. We believe in treating our patients like family in need of emergency dental care Columbus Ohio and the surrounding area. By offering the best comforts, treating you with compassion and making time for you as soon as you come in, we are the best emergency dentist of choice in Columbus, Ohio.