Dental Contouring: The Facts

At The Dental Center at Easton, we’re experts on cosmetic dentistry and how it can help patients obtain a straighter, more beautiful smile.  Measures like teeth whitening, bonding, and dental bridges can help achieve the perfect smile but there are still more ways to improve the look, and sometimes even the feel of your teeth.

Dental contouring is about as straight forward as it sounds.  It is simply reshaping teeth to get a better look or feel for the patient.  You could even think of it as smoothing out the rough edges of your teeth.  It’s not meant to give your teeth a dramatically new profile, just a few small changes to the shape of your teeth that can have very beneficial results.

  • Dental contouring is painless.  This process involves no penetration into your teeth or gums so you will not feel the nerve pain that can be associated with some other procedures.  The reshaping simply consists of removing miniscule amounts enamel from the exterior or interior part of the tooth.  In instances like dental contouring, not much is needed because a little off the top can produce noticeable results.
  • Dental contouring improves the look of teeth.  If your teeth have small, abnormal protrusions, they can easily be remedied with this procedure.  Afraid of fangs?  No need to worry when you can just round off the ends of especially pointy teeth with tooth reshaping.
  • Dental contouring may help your bite.  A bite that does not line your jaw up properly can result in pain down the road.  The easiest way to avoid that pain and trouble is take care of the problem as soon as possible.  Teeth reshaping will help to eliminate the problem by creating perfectly aligned teeth.  Because it is such a powerful option in terms of dental care, dental contouring may even be able to be used instead of braces for some patients.
  • Dental contouring is a cost effective treatment.  When considering the time and money that could be spent on dental procedures, teeth reshaping becomes a very attractive option.  It takes care of the immediate problem at a fraction of the cost of other dental procedures.

We live in a time when there are solutions to nearly every problem.  Dental contouring has proven itself to be a quick and simple solution to several different problems that can arise in teeth.  If you’d like to find out if dental contouring is right for you, give us a call today.