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Reviews & Testimonials


Finally! The perfect Dentist!!

“From the ease of scheduling to the painless insurance submission, nothing could be easier! Super friendly staff reminds you of your childhood dentist where everyone knows you and your family. You are guided through your visit with high tech precision and professional detail where YOU make the decisions on your future dental options. I’ve already referred friends and collegues who’ve came back with glowing reviews! I’ve found MY Dentist, have you?” -Marcia A. – New Albany


Great Experience

“I had a great experience with my wisdom tooth extraction at The Dental Center. Dr. Gilmer was gentle and patient, the experience was nearly pain-free and the whole staff set me up with everything I needed to know for the post-procedure care.” -Joe R. – Columbus



“I really enjoyed the dentist and staff at the dental center. Dr. Gilmer is amazing,I’ve never laughed in a dental chair until my time at the dental center. In fact I’ve always been terrified and dreaded the dentist The most important qualities that have me looking forward to going back to the dental center are, cleanliness, friendly and personable staff, comedic dentist and, most importantly no wait time(everytime I was straight into the dental chair) and Dr. Gilmer multi task so well without making you feel like your waiting while he completes your services. I’m actually excited to go back. They also helped me understand and use my insurance better than any dentist I’ve used. There was no outrageous bill and they didn’t exaggerate what needed to be done to meet my needs. Thanks so much see you in July dental center staff!!!!” -Cherise R. – Columbus


Always a pleasure!

“The Dental Center at Easton is a TOP NOTCH practice! Everyone makes me feel comfortable. The surroundings in the office are beautiful and efficient. When I have a problem with my teeth, I know I can call and they will resolve it. Everyone is professional, yet so friendly — I feel like I am visiting family — not a doctor. Dr. Gilmer has an incredible bed side manner and I feel like I’m talking to a trusted friend. I never feel like they push unneeded services just to increase the billings, yet, when they do treatments, it feels like they are using the most current technology. I highly recommend their services!” -Kathleen L. – Gahanna


Thee Best Dentist in Columbus

“Well first off I should mention I had no insurance at the time and so I was very apprehensive about seeing any dentist at this point. After being in pain for two weeks I was referred by my sister and made an appointment to see Dr. Brad. When I arrived at dentist office I was amazed on how sweet there office was, I mean it was ridiculous. I was greeted with a warm welcome from Jessica and filled out some paper work (like 2 pages) and was immediately seen soon after. I was sat down in a office over looking Easton and noticed the chair had its own personal flat pannel TV, I was handed a remote and was told to watch what ever I wanted, “I’m like this cool” … Dr. Brad came in shortly there after and was the coolest Dr. ever, not only was he very kind and very patient with me, he explained everything to me. I knew I was in very good hands, especially on how I fear going to the denist. I couldn’t believe how great their prices are, if I had insurance I’d go every day. “no joke” Not to sound corn-ballish, Dr. Brad is an awesome Dr., I felt really comfortable and safe with him…” -John M. – New Albany


Renewed my smile!

“I had an extensive deep cleaning! Every member of the staff made feel absolutely comfortable! I had no problems at all. Everything about the office is catered to the patient. I felt as though I had been with them all of my life,even though it was my first appointment.” -Alejandro D. – North Columbus


My dentist visit

“Now, I have been to the dentist’s office before, but never have I experienced such a pleasurable experience in my entire life…The staff was extremely friendly and I felt more than welcome….Even moreso…they made me feel like I have been a patient her for 20 years…and this was my first visit… My children will now be attending this office as well. I will forever attend this office until the day I am no loger apart of this world.” -Tracie G. – Easton


Excellent dental services provided

“I can not begin to express how pleased I am with the gentle caring denistry you guys provided. You made my visit pain free and eased my anxiety and fear. Thank you and I will recommend your office to all the other state employees in my office. ” -Cheryl W. – Columbus



We Do Our Part!

The Dental Center at Easton

Town Center practices green.

The Dental Center does its part to promote a GREEN environment by utilizing digital x-rays which eliminates the use of chemicals in the developing process and reduces radiation by up to 80%. It is much more family-friendly than your traditional x-rays. A “paperless” office approach means that insurance forms can be filed quickly via the internet, reducing paper waste and making the office more efficient.


Is it an Emergency?

We provide extended business

hours for urgent dental care.

Our services as an emergency dentist can be set up with just a phone call. Should an unexpected dental issue arise, call us first at 614-414-0111. Our office is within minutes of New Albany, Gahanna, Westerville, Easton and other central Ohio areas, and we will make every effort to see you as soon as you arrive.

We also offer complete dental services as well as specializing in family dentistry.


Dental News

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