Invisalign For A Beautiful Smile

Apr 30th, 2022
Easton Dentists Jun 13th, 2022

Invisalign is a popular alternative to the more traditional metal braces. Used since 1999, it has helped correct crooked teeth and create beautiful smiles for patients around the world. Learn more about the this technology to determine if it is the right dental corrective treatment for you.

How Does it Work?

Invisalign aligners are worn over the teeth and are customized to ensure a snug fit. When a patient is fitted, the doctor will map out a plan to achieve the ideal appearance and positions of the teeth. This plan will be the basis of the shape of the aligners. Typically, each aligner is worn for about a week before it is replaced with the next aligner in the set.

When worn, Invisalign aligners move the teeth vertically and horizontally to position them where they should be. In some cases, the orthodontist may even design a set of Invisalign braces that will rotate the teeth until it achieves the correct position in the mouth. The movement of teeth happens gradually, so there is little pain and no significant discomfort.

There are a number of benefits that patients will enjoy, such as:

Near Invisibility
One of the key Invisalign benefits is its appearance. Clear braces are nearly invisible and are barely noticeable.

These braces are comfortable and smooth, without the metal wires and brackets that are commonly used with traditional braces.

Treatment Period
Invisalign patients typically have to wear the aligners for 1 year to 1 1/2 years while traditional braces wearers have to wait for 3 to 5 years to complete the treatment.

The aligners are removable appliances, so the patient can choose not to wear them when eating, drinking or speaking in public, for example.

What to Expect
Invisalign is the best option for people who suffer from the following conditions:

– Overbite
– Underbite
– Gapped Teeth
– Overcrowding
– Open Bite
– Crossbite

Severely malformed and misaligned teeth may not benefit from the design of Invisalign braces. However, there are other treatment options available to correct these problems. If you want to know if Invisalign is the right treatment for you, see your dentist for a proper evaluation.

You Can Fix Your Smile With Invasilign!

Jul 26th, 2019
Easton Dentists Jul 26th, 2019

When you make the choice of using Invisalign to enhance your smile, learning all you can about the entire process will assist you in order to make the correct decision. Selecting the right dentist (such as Dr. Gilmer) is your first step. The dentist you are currently seeing may already be an Invisalign provider, and if not, he or she can recommend a dentist who can help you. It is imperative to find a dentist who has received specific Invisalign training.

Once you have selected a trained dentist, you should have a discussion addressing your specific concerns.. Some patients are terrific candidates for Invisalign. Invisalign can be utilized for both simple and more complex cases. Ask questions to your Invisalign provider about: costs, insurance coverage, treatment expectations, and length of treatment, which are all common concerns.

If you and your doctor determine that Invisalign is the solution for you, X-rays, photos, and impressions of your teeth are the obtained to create a digital model of your treatment. This allows you to view your treatment from start to finish in a virtual computer animated model. Next a series of clear custom-made aligners are created. With Invisalign- the aligners are made from smooth, clear, and comfortable BPA-free plastic. You will not experience the pain and irritation that are associated with traditional metal braces. You can even remove them when you eat, brush and floss. (It’s recommended to wear your aligners 20-22 hours per day.)

The on-going treatment involves replacing the aligners every 2 weeks, which will help your teeth gradually shift into place. Every case is unique – but you’ll be revealing your new smile before you know it.

Invisalign is a great solution for improving your smile without unsightly and painful braces and most people won’t even know you’re wearing them!

Restorative Dentistry: Something to Smile About

Jul 30th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Without proper oral healthcare and proper attention, the overall health of your mouth can deteriorate over time. Without regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist, all kinds of calamities can occur. It is important to seek the help of an experienced dentist before your oral health reaches a point where it necessitates intensive treatment. The Dental Center at Easton offers restorative dentistry, a process that restores the health of your mouth and returns your confidence. Restorative dentistry procedures can act to repair minor damage and they can correct major tooth loss.

How Can Poor Oral Health Affect Your Daily Life?

  • By complicating your daily activities: If you are missing teeth or have teeth that are not functioning properly, you may struggle when performing essential daily activities such as eating and speaking. Eating can become difficult or even painful if your mouth is missing essential teeth that are needed to chew food. Your speech may also suffer if your oral health problems cause your mouth to struggle to properly form words.
  • Mouth health: When teeth are missing or damaged, the overall health of your mouth suffers. If your are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, your gums are more prone to gum disease and remaining teeth are likely to succumb to illnesses. This can be very painful and can also lead to more serious health problems if left untreated.
  • Physical Appearance: Damaged or missing teeth leave can distract from an otherwise beautiful smile. This can cause you to become self-conscious about the way you look and can negatively affect your social life, career, and personal confidence. A beautiful smile can send a positive message to others and can serve as an attractive means to communicate to the world. A mouth with damaged or missing teeth detracts from what you have to say and your appearance as a whole.

What Services Does The Dental Center at Easton offer to Restore Your Oral Health?

  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth that  are set in the place of lost or damaged teeth. A dental implant is completely sturdy. It allows you to complete your daily activities with ease, just like a normal tooth! Those around you won’t even be able to tell the difference between the implant and your other natural teeth.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a nearly invisible substitute for traditional braces that is less abrasive than traditional metal wires, yet still restores your oral health by realigning your teeth. Invisalign is clear and can be taken out while eating. It allows you to carry out activities like eating, speaking, and drinking with ease!
  • Bonding and teeth whitening: During bonding, tooth-colored substances are fused onto teeth to correct stains or breakage. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that lightens the color of your teeth.

These are just a few of the procedures that we offer at The Dental Center at Easton that help restore your oral health. Contact us today to set up a consultation and give yourself something to smile about!

3 Common Misconceptions about Invisalign

Jun 25th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Invisalign is a fantastic solution for many candidates of traditional braces. If you’re considering Invisalign, you’ve probably heard lots of different things about this relatively new alignment process. There are plenty of misconceptions floating around about it. Here today, we’re going to dispel some of those. These are some common myths about Invisalign.

The first misconception is that it is painless. Invisalign offers many things, but being pain-free is not one of them. There is currently no way to move teeth without the person feeling it, although Invisalign does involve less pain than traditional braces. With the plastic aligners, you are more likely to feel a deep soreness in your gums. That’s the effect of gently moving a tooth into place. There will be no metal wire that snaps and scrapes your mouth or irritate the gums. And Invisalign involves getting a new aligner every two to eight weeks. Because these will only be slightly different, there is less pain than if you were to use a single aligner.

Many people also have the idea that Invisalign works faster than braces. Moving teeth is  a process. It can take weeks to move them even the smallest measurable amount. That is why you should wear your aligner at nearly all times. Of course it should be removed for meals and possibly special occasions, but the alignment should be occurring at least twenty-two hours each day to be effective.

Finally, many candidates think that Invisalign costs much less than braces. This is why it’s important to consult your doctor. Invisalign costs roughly as much as traditional braces. Because there are many aligners that you get every handful of weeks and each is highly customized to your mouth, the cost of alignment is about the same. However, the good news is that it is covered by insurance when recommended by a professional.

You may still have more questions about Invisalign. Consult a trained dentist at The Dental Center. Our office is conveniently located at Easton to serve the Central Ohio region, including Columbus.

Why Choose Invisalign

Jun 13th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Candidates for dental braces or cosmetic orthodontic correction often choose Invisalign as the solution better suited to their needs. Trained dentists can prescribe the Invisalign system because they’ve received all the knowledge they need to assess if Invisalign is right for you. If you’re looking at traditional braces, you may want to consider this less invasive alternative. Here are a few reasons why Invisalign could be a better solution.

• The effects of Invisalign may be longer lasting than those of braces. The system uses a clear plastic aligner that guides your whole tooth into the correct position. Braces instead attach to part of your tooth and tug it in the right direction. This is a more natural process that can have further reaching results.

Invisalign is removable. Got a big presentation or date coming up? Just slip the aligner out of your mouth for the time being. You can essentially pause your treatment. While you don’t need to use your custom aligner 24/7, we do recommend keeping it in at least twenty-two hours per day.

• The clear aligner is less noticeable than braces. If you would feel self-conscious about having braces, ask your dentist about Invisalign. As an adult, having braces could be a huge deal. Or even as a teenager, getting braces would be a big life change. The plastic guide is less intrusive into your life.

• You can eat whatever you want. Popcorn is an amazing snack. Can you imagine going years without getting any at the movies? What about caramel or chewing gum? With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about that. Take the aligner out before eating, and brush your teeth thoroughly before putting it back in.

• There is no damage to your mouth. Braces snap. That’s just a fact of having them. Rough metal ends can scrape at your mouth and gums in the time before you get it fixed. Invisalign is a solid piece of plastic that won’t break in your mouth.

If you’re interested in finding out if you are a candidate for Invisalign, stop by The Dental Center at Easton. We’re conveniently located just off I-270 to better serve the Columbus, Ohio region.

How Invisalign can Replace Traditional Braces

Jun 4th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Invisalign is a new solution for correcting dental issues. Before recently, braces and retainers were the only method for dental correction. These limited what patients could eat, and were a big commitment for maintenance. Even with the introduction of more permanent retainers that fit on the back side of teeth, the same dietary and maintenance concerns remained. With Invisalign, you can stylishly correct your smile with less disturbance to your daily life.

Many orthodontic procedures can be performed by Invisalign. It’s a highly customizable solution for moderate to severe problems. And this isn’t just a cosmetic solution; Inivisalign is good for issues that are compounded by gum disease, jaw pain, gingivitis, and even tooth decay or loss. The alignment process of Invisalign is perfect for cases of overbite, tooth crowding from too little jaw space, and teeth that are spread too far apart.

If you are unsure about traditional braces or would feel self-conscious about them, then this clear plastic alignment can do the job without intruding on your social life. Invisalign is perfect for adults considering braces. Teenagers and even younger students may also find Invisalign to be the best fit for their lives. In addition, teenagers often feel the limitations of traditional braces on their diet. Invisalign does away with all of that.

There are no dietary restrictions with plastic realignment. Popcorn at the movies is a-ok. Chewing gum and caramel are no longer forbidden. Invisalign is removed before each meal, so there’s no danger of getting food stuck in it. Proper tooth brushing is suggested after eating, though. Planning your meals is key with Invisalign since it should be worn twenty-two hours each day. Even though it offers more freedoms, candidates should prepare themselves to commit to Invisalign.

If you’re interested in Invisalign, consult with your dentist to learn more. Only dentists trained in it can use the Invisalign system. At The Dental Center, we have the resources to supply the Columbus, Ohio region with Invisalign. Come on in and hear the stories of successful patients that we’ve treated.

Invisalign Invisible Braces: See Why Teens Love This Alternative To Braces For Teeth

Jul 28th, 2010
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Home comings and high school graduations just got a whole lot more glamorous. No more metal braces. Having straighter teeth for teens no longer involves wires and metal brackets, or visits to the dentist to get braces tightened leaving your mouth and gums sore and irritated for days. Welcome to Invisalign Teen which is a series of clear aligners custom-fit to the teeth of the individual. Your Easton emergency dentist has information for both teens and their parents to see if Invisalign is the right choice for your teenager.

Full treatment takes about one year, and teens don’t have to wait until all of their permanent teeth have come in. Some benefits of Invisalign Teen over braces include:

Snaps easily on to the teeth

  • Clear in color, close to being invisible on the teeth
  • Comfortable, non scratching/scraping against the tongue and gums
  • Moves the teeth is small continuous increments
  • Switched about every two weeks with custom-fit replacements to further move the teeth
  • A “Blue-Dot” system allows the teen to know when it’s time to switch to a new Invisalign aligner. The dot fades to white in about two-weeks if worn the appropriate amount of time each day (your Easton emergency dentist will help you with the time-line)
  • Easily removed when ready to brush or floss the teeth, or simply to have an evening out with friends without the aligner
  • You may be able to get up to six replacement pair if lost

Here’s how Invisalign Teen works:

You’ll meet with the Easton emergency dentist to decide if you are a good candidate for Invisalign Teen

  • Pictures and impressions will be taken of your teeth
  • Once digitized, your impressions are used to map out the necessary movements to achieve desired goals, and your aligners are made custom-fit to your teeth
  • You’ll wear your aligners approx 20-22 hours every day. Remember, they can be removed before eating or brushing your teeth. By wearing the aligners less than recommended, total treatment time could be longer.
  • You’ll visit your dentist approx. every two weeks to switch out your aligners to new ones

Invisalign is an FDA-cleared orthodontic treatment currently being used by more than 1,000,000 Americans. Call your Easton emergency dentist today to schedule an appointment. Keep smiling!

Introducing Invisalign: What is it?

Jun 7th, 2010
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Remember the kid in your fourth grade classroom with the mouth full of wire? Or the girl in your junior year of high school that everyone picked on and called “metal mouth”? Well, those days are long behind us. The dental industry has developed a new product called Invisalign and although the Dental Center at Easton Towne Center is well known as one of the best emergency dentists in Columbus Ohio, they are now happy to offer Invisalign to their patients.

Braces were bonded to your teeth, which made them difficult to remove. You could always tell the kids who had just gone to the dentist to get “readjusted” because they couldn’t eat anything. Tenderness and irritation to the tongue, lips, and especially the inside of the cheeks made it difficult for a couple of days to enjoy anything other than liquids. Certain foods were forbidden for fear of getting stuck in the braces, or pulling the metal wires away from the brackets and possibly even loosening the brackets. Hygiene was another issue altogether, especially in smaller children, and even some teens. Keeping the braces, mouth, and teeth clean could become cumbersome and sometimes difficult.

Enter the new age. Invisalign is an array of clear, uniquely designed trays. One of the many wonderful advantages to choosing Invisalign is being able to remove the trays whenever you want to drink, eat a particular food, and to ensure proper oral hygiene with brushing and flossing. And no one knows you’re even wearing them. Invisalign creates the same type of force as braces, making the teeth move, just without the wire and brackets. People suffering from TMJ pain, speech impediments, teeth grinding, difficulty eating, and/or chewing, and even tooth decay and gum disease may benefit from Invisalign.

As with braces, it’s important that you work with your dentist to ensure that you make the best choice for the desired results, as well as to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. Those also living with tooth crowding, crooked teeth and even an overbite may make good candidates for Invisalign.  

If you don’t want the look of metal and “clear” is what you’re after, consider Invisalign. Presently, over 3 million people across America and Canada wear braces. If you’ve waited to make your decision regarding braces, and you’ve already been advised to get them, or just want to improve your smile, pick up your phone, or go online and contact Dr. Brad Gilmer at the Dental Center at Easton Towne Center to make your appointment now.