Are You a Candidate for Dental Bonding?

May 25th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Your teeth are like superheroes. They are the guardians of your entire digestive system, and man do they take a beating. These teeth are there to help you, and you’ve had them for almost as long as you can remember. It’s easy to take them for granted. After all, the enamel of a tooth is one of the strongest surfaces in our body. Like a superhero, they are nearly impervious. Nearly.


Once in a long while, something tragic can happen to your teeth. You fall and chip a tooth, you suffer a trauma to your jaw, or maybe you literally bite off more than you can chew. Cracking and chipping are an everyday possibility even though we almost never think of it. If your tooth is damaged, don’t worry. Your smile can be saved.


A cosmetic dentist works to repair or improve your smile. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, give our Columbus office a call to set up a consultation. But cosmetic dentists don’t just stop there. Cosmetic dentists can also shrink unsightly gaps between teeth and whiten your smile. These are all their areas of expertise.


Dental bonding is one type of dentistry that our experts specialize in. Bonding is the simple, quick solution for cosmetic issues. Dentists use a special liquid to create texture on the tooth to be bonded. This creates a rough surface for the new cosmetic material to be placed. The cosmetic enamel is a natural colored composite material that the dentist molds into the shape of a tooth. Roughening the tooth surface allows the texture beneath it to be stronger, making it difficult to come off accidentally. In fact, dental bonding can last longer than many solutions, sometimes even up to a decade.


All or most of the work at our Columbus office can be accomplished in a single appointment. Like many orthodontic procedures, cosmetic bonding utilizes ultraviolet light for fast bonding with adhesive materials. We know that you’re busy, so we keep your time in the chair to a minimum.


To hear about dental bonding and what our specialists can do, set up an appointment with our office. We serve the Central Ohio region and are conveniently located at Easton. Give your little superheroes a boost.

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