Mouth Guards And Sports

Jan 15th, 2015
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

The winter season has arrived which means a number of children are about to begin participating in winter sports such as hockey, basketball, and wrestling.  These sports (among other sports throughout each season) pose a high risk of injury to the mouth.  The unsettling fact is that most children do not wear mouth guards while playing sports.

Although mouth guards are mandatory to wear in some sports such as football, it is recommended by dental professionals to wear a mouth guard in any high contact athletic activity.  A study found that 68% of children do not wear a mouth guard during soccer, basketball, baseball and softball games.  The likelihood of a ball, bat, or body part coming into contact with someone’s mouth is extremely high.  It is estimated that wearing a mouth guard during sports could prevent more than 200,000 oral injuries per year.

Proper fitting mouth guards should be:

– Comfortable.
– Easy to clean.
– Durable and tear resistant.
– Not restricting to breathing or speech.
– Able to easily stay in place.

With the numbers as they are, it is very important for children to protect their teeth and mouth by wearing a mouth guard.  This could be what saves your child from a mouth injury and thousands of dollars in dental expenses.

New Year Dental Resolutions

Jan 9th, 2015
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

The New Year has arrived but that does not mean there still is not time to add a few dental related resolutions to your list!  Although many people often aren’t able to keep their resolutions, oral related resolutions might be a bit more motivating to keep.  We at Easton Dentist have come up with three suggestions for some oral health related resolutions this 2015:

Reduce The Sweets – This New Year try cutting down the amount of sweets you consume.  The longer your teeth are exposed to the sugars in sweets, the longer the acids have to attack tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth decay.  Reducing the amount of sweets you eat can help keep your teeth cavity free this year.

Brush & Floss Regularly – If you don’t already, commit to brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes.  Brushing for two minutes is important because is will provided the recommended and necessary cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and cavity free.  Also, another part to this resolution should be to increase your flossing.  If you aren’t flossing once daily, try to start out by at least flossing once a week.  As this habit begins to pick up, slowly work your way to flossing once a day to keep those gums healthy.

Quit Smoking – Cigarette smokers might already have a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking but your oral health is another major reason to kick the habit.  Cigarette smoking is the primary cause of gum disease.  Not only will your lungs thank you for this resolution but your teeth and gums will too.

These few resolutions are just some of the suggested oral health tips we recommend you strive to improve upon this New Year.  Make sure that you also schedule a teeth cleaning every six months to keep your smile vibrant and healthy!