The Youngest Teeth

Aug 25th, 2014
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Are you looking for a new pediatric dentist Columbus Ohio provider? We see a whole range of family members come through our Easton dental office everyday.   In one chair sits a teenager with braces tapping away on her iPhone while next to her a doting mother holds her ten month old son covered in drool and shaking a rattle.   Across the lobby is an elderly woman in for a denture assessment thoroughly enjoying the sight of the cooing infant.

At The Dental Center, we see the whole life cycle of teeth and believe in a family model of dental care.   Everyone in the family should have a clear routine for dental hygiene that teaches the next generation good health practices.   No time in the development cycle of teeth is as important as those very first crowns popping through your toddler’s mouth.

Taking your small child to the dentist within six months of the first teeth breaking through is important to develop preventative care strategies and ensure the dental development is progressing normally.   Early checkups like these can often correct problems that can develop years down the road.

Pediatric Dentist Columbus Ohio & Teething

You should start to see your baby’s first white caps around 6 months of age, sometimes as early as 3 months.  Everyone has their own schedule so don’t panic if the first teeth don’t show themselves until the first birthday.  If you are concerned about a delay, make an appointment with our friendly staff and one of our expert Easton dentists we’ll make sure everything is healthy and normal.

Pediatric Dentist Columbus Ohio & Discomfort

While the typical teething process is not disruptive to the baby’s mood or health, most children will show normal signs of discomfort.   These include excessive drooling and chewing on toys to massage the sore gums.  If particularly sensitive, your child may get moody and grumpy but this is only for the first day or two of the tooth showing itself.

We don’t recommend a liberal use of Baby Oragel or other chemical numbing agents during the teething stage.  A bit now and then seems to be relatively safe but the best soothing agent for a teething baby is a cold teething ring or soft chewable toy.

If anything concerns you or seems out of the normal, don’t hesitate to contact our Easton dental office.  We look forward to seeing new patients who are just sprouting their first beautiful white teeth and work hard to maintain a lifelong relationship with you and your family.