Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Apr 23rd, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Because of their rise in popularity, people from all walks of life are becoming more and more interested in porcelain veneers.  It makes sense, too.  Porcelain veneers can very easily seem like the most simple and effective method for restoring a beautiful smile.

Like most anything else in life, there can certainly be downsides.  Getting porcelain veneers can be a somewhat painful process because a layer of your natural enamel must be removed.  Additionally, getting porcelain veneers is an irreversible treatment which means that you can never go back to just having your original teeth after you’ve had veneers applied.  However, most people find that the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Each set of porcelain veneers is unique to the patient.  Though it takes significantly more time, your dentist will specially craft your porcelain veneers to ensure that they are the perfect match for your smile.
  • After porcelain veneers are applied, it is virtually impossible to distinguish them from your natural teeth.  A smile of porcelain veneers will look just as happy and healthy as any other smile.
  • Porcelain veneers have some advantages over normal teeth in that they resist stains from coffee and tea.  They can do this because, even though they look just like normal teeth, they are made from high tech materials.
  • Because they are made to enhance teeth, porcelain veneers can be maintained just as any other tooth would be.  They still require typical brushing and flossing though they may need different whitening techniques than other teeth.
  • A porcelain veneer wouldn’t be effective if it was fragile so they are designed to be as strong and sturdy as any other tooth in your mouth.  They will bite and chew like any other tooth, just don’t expect them to be indestructible.

While there are downsides to veneers, many people find they help much more than they hurt.  A set of veneers, when cared for properly, will last a lifetime.  To learn more about how veneers can help you, give us a call today!

What Happens after You Get a Dental Implant?

Apr 18th, 2013
Easton Dentists Jan 30th, 2019

Every day, new people in Columbus get dental implants.  It could be from tooth loss or decay or any number of other reasons but the end result is preferably a dental implant.  This procedure is the permanent solution to many different problems that simple dentures cannot address.

As it is not yet the most common procedure, many people still have questions about what takes place during and after you get a dental implant.

Though it may sound daunting, a dental implant is a fairly straight forward procedure for the patient.  As long as you follow a few simple steps, your teeth and gums will be as healthy as possible.

  • First, a simple metal screw will be inserted into your jaw.  This will act as the anchor for your new replacement tooth.  It must be placed directly into your jaw so that the new tooth has the strongest base possible.
  • After the screw is placed, the area must heal.  This basically allows time for the bone to grow and rebuild around the screw so that it is completely stabilized.  This will ensure that the procedure is permanent.  In some cases, it may take a few months for the implant to become completely integrated with the jaw.
  • Once the jaw is absolutely healed, it is finally time to have the new tooth inserted.  The new dental crown will be created specifically to match your other teeth in size, shape, and color so that it will match perfectly.  When done correctly, your new crown will be completely indistinguishable from any of your other teeth.  Additionally, it will require the same care and treatment as a normal tooth.

While it would be ideal to hold onto all of your natural teeth, sometimes a dental implant is the best option.  With proper care and treatment from The Dental Center at Easton, your dental implant can help keep your smile perfect for life.  Call us today to see how we can help your smile.

What Happens after I get Dental Implants?

Apr 16th, 2013
Easton Dentists Jan 30th, 2019

As they become increasingly popular, people everywhere are more and more curious about dental implants and how they can improve people’s lives.  It seems that many people recognize the immediate benefits of a dental implant but do not really know what it is or what to do after a dental implant has been placed.

To understand a dental implant, you have to first understand the process of getting one.  A dental implant is used to replace dead, dying, or missing teeth.  They help cosmetically in completing a smile but they also aid in overall dental health.


  • Before one is placed, a screw is inserted into the jawbone to act as an anchor for the implant.  It is allowed to heal before the actual dental implant is placed.



  • Once your jaw is healed and your replacement tooth is made, your dentist will permanently insert it into your mouth.  This will leave you with a natural looking, fully functioning replacement tooth.


  • After your dental implant has been inserted, it will require the same treatment and care as the rest of your teeth.  You absolutely do not need to do anything special to maintain the look and feel of your dental implant.


Dental implants are the most effective and longest lasting way to replace damaged or missing teeth.  Very often, dental implants are the tool of choice for dentists looking to give their patients the best, most natural smile possible.  With a solid treatment plan and top notch dental care, the dentists at The Dental Center at Easton can help give anyone the smile they’ve dreamt of.  Call to set up your appointment today.


How Teeth Can Make You Look Older

Apr 9th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Your teeth are supposed to be and should be your ally.  They should be the white, bright representation of how you feel on the inside.  Ideally, they should be as cheerful and inviting as your own personality.  However, as we age, our teeth can easily show unwarranted signs of aging that we may not ourselves feel.        

            Even with very attentive care, our teeth can show wear and tear that not only makes them look older; they make us feel older whenever we smile.  Unfortunately, teeth can show age in many different ways.

  • Dark teeth.  From daily use, your teeth will naturally become darker with age.  This yellow tint has the unwanted effect of making you look much older and much unhealthier than you actually are.
  • Stained dental work.  If you’ve had work done many years ago, there is a good chance that it may not be holding up as well as you’d like.  Because it is not structured like your natural teeth, traditional toothpastes and whiteners may not work as well on your dental work.
  • Gum Recession.  If you’ve never heard the phrase “long in the tooth,” it means something is getting older.  The look of being long in the tooth can be exacerbated very easily by gum recession, making you look much older much quicker.
  • Worn teeth.  No matter how well you take care of your teeth, there may be no way to avoid wearing them down.  From regular chewing to teeth grinding, your teeth can easily be worn down over the years.

This all sounds like your teeth stand no chance but, in reality, any damage done to your teeth can be fixed by a great dentist.  By setting up an appointment with The Dental Center at Easton (in Columbus Ohio), you can reverse the look of aging teeth today!

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Apr 5th, 2013
Easton Dentists Mar 1st, 2017

Everyone wants the perfect smile.  Many of us spend a good portion of our lives in braces and other types of orthodontia just so that we can show our pearly whites with pride.  We brush our teeth and floss but sometimes it is just not enough.  Unfortunately, some things in dentistry are out of our control.

Even if you have perfectly healthy teeth, damage can occur.  So what happens if you trip, fall, and completely break a tooth?  Maybe visit a Columbus Cosmetic Dentist?

That’s one of the instances in which dental implants can be used.

A dental implant is a screw that is inserted into the jaw bone.  This screw acts as an anchor for the new replacement tooth.  The replacement tooth, once placed, will be completely indistinguishable from any other tooth in the patient’s mouth.  This is a permanent solution for many different types of problems with teeth.

  • Missing Tooth.  A missing tooth can instantly diminish the quality of a smile and it is not something that can be easily hid.  A Dental Implant can be the simple fix to help restore your smile to its glory.
  • Missing a Few Teeth.  Not only will missing a few teeth make you want to refrain from smiling, it will also hurt the health of the rest of your teeth.  Open gums are far more vulnerable to infection and pain.  A Dental Implant can help fix this.
  • Missing Many Teeth with Jaw Damage.  This is more severe but it can be fixed.  Through a graft of bone onto the jaw, a 6-8 month healing period, and a series of Dental Implants, your smile can become what you always wanted.

A Dental Implant can be a great advantage for both your smile and your health.  Call the dental experts at the Dental Center at Easton to see how you can benefit from a Dental Implant.